Golden lion motion pictures is a production house in Patna, India with a team of young and passionate professionals ready to try something new every day. Our production house is as diverse as our team. Its one of the dynamic and expertise in being able to research a wide variety of subjects, no matter what their technical complexity and translate them into a product that is relevant to the target audience. Our core competence lies in communicating effectively while keeping the audience engaged and entertained. We are equipped with take of the art-technology. Our technicians, producers, directors, dop are best known in the industry. We believe in nurturing long term relation that’s the reason our past clients are fairely satisfied.​

Golden lion motion pictures is a production house based at Patna, India. Our mission is to deliver effectual and captivating world class production with an underlined intention to lend a hand to independent artists & new talent. Our mission is also simultaneously promoting and online distributing a diverse short films and photoshoots which embrace in culture, faith and philosophies. Our journey has just started. We invite senior professionals, filmmakers strategic partners & investors to join hands with us in the major initiative to bring the best digital content.

Golden lion motion pictures will stick by the talented artists who use our platform to showcase their talents and will be given a priority to work with senior professionals in our various projects including the new initiative of producing original content with priority of your effectiveness of cost. Where we can work on our toes to serve the best content solutions to our clients. Our vision is to provide new opportunities to the talented artists with a very low cost to make money for their fields or any other platforms.​

Our aim is to bring an idea to reality with a touch of imagination. As a video production company, we create content on various verticals, whilst housing the most eminent brands in the country. Our belief is to bring value and distinction with conviction.

In the era of modern movie making, we direct ourselves on the path of redefining benchmarks. Just like the dawning of a mythical creature, our journey began as a group of highly enthusiastic youngsters, having a collective experience of more than 6 years. We always believe in delivering a creative solution that is best suited for a brand. We thrive on being able to deliver the best there is to offer, combining all our expertise and passion into the end product.



Sarwagya Jaiswal was born on 15th Jan 1995 in narkatiyaganj, Bihar. He is an actor by profession. Apart from being an actor, he is also a director, producer, script & dialogue writer, cinematographer, photographer, trainer, and set designer. His luck changed in the year 2005 when he got an offer for participation in Nukkad Natak and started his career as acting. After some time he played roles in stage plays as actor and director. He has done many short films, feature films as actor and director, ad shoots as director, and web series as a cinematographer. Also, he took his career as a modeling in between 2010 to 2014 and done shows as judge after 2014. He is an upcoming sensation in the field of acting where he is also the owner of his own production house – GOLDEN LION MOTION PICTURES

Arvind Ranjan Das

One man army, with a profound understanding of the film-making process, starting at ideation to shooting right down to editing and the final execution. A dynamic film professional with global exposure. Persued PG diploma from FTII, Pune. He is the treasure of innovative ideas. Over 15 years of experience in teaching in the field of film, TV & media. A strong core of creativity is what drives his multiple forms of expressions. He is a native of the world of stories, concepts & ideas expressed in a variety of media.​

Shashank Shekhar

The most resourceful person on our team, Shashank has expertise in acting. Whatever it is that you need- from a pin to an aeroplane, he will do it in no time. With 10 years of extensive production experience, he has started his career in 2009 with a idea theatre group, Mumbai under the direction of Mujeeb khan. Done more than 100 plays. Did short films and documentary films. Acted in “Finding the Guru”, a docudrama based on the book “Autobiography of a yogi”. Won the title of Dev 2013, in dev and diva model hunt 2013. Later, joined Vishwa theater group under the direction of Rajesh Raja in Patna and acted in various plays.”Bichoo” was one of the most hit play. In 2016 released his first feature film “Bihari Sardar ” with kunal singh,rajeev nigam,kissu rahul and debosmita. Upcoming film is “death on a Sunday in patna city” with renowned actor sanjay mishra. The most enthusiastic and robust in our team; we suspect he dreams ideas in his sleep as well.​



Actor/Assistant director/Cinematographer

Deepak Goswami

Actor/writer/assistant director

Shahshank shekhar 

Actor/ CEO and founder of Vansikha entertainments

Arti Gupta

Actress and Director, Golden Lion Motion Picture

Vishal Krishnan



Casting Director 

Founder, Shining Events and Entertainment




Model Management At Golden Lion Motion Pictures

Vikash Chauhan

Lyricist and Composer



Model Managerment At Golden Lion Motion Pictures


Make-Up Artist


Fashion Choreographer